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In 1991, an art lover and educator, Daisy Kuan, together with a group of Chinese American friends in San Diego, got together and established the San Diego Chinese Art Society. They wanted to expose Art to our youth, hoping to enrich their lives. In time, this group grew in size and expanded its purpose. Today, we are known as the San Diego Chinese Art and Cultural Society: a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization.

Our mission now is to promote greater awareness of Chinese art and culture via art education, special exhibits and performances held year round. We also have a scholarship program aimed at encouraging and helping young people to develop their art and musical talents. In addition, we strive to promote a better understanding of other cultures with our most popular event being the annual International Music and Arts Festival held close to the Lunar New Year.

We sincerely thank our supporters for their generous donations year after year. Only with your support can we continue to reach higher levels of art and cultural education. We also thank our members for their participation. Your help will enable us to offer more concerts and performances, exhibits, seminars and field trips to our San Diego community.

1991 年,對藝術熱愛的林小碟女士與聖地亞哥的華人朋友共同成立了聖地亞哥中華藝術學會。希望能促進年輕的一代對於中華藝術文化的了解與欣賞。而今的聖地亞哥中華藝術文化學會已頗具規模,同時也是非營利事業組織 501(C)(3)。 

聖地亞哥中華藝術文化學會的宗旨是希望藉由演講、展覽及各種活動以增加本地主流人士對於中華藝術文化的認識。為了鼓勵年輕學子對於藝術的愛好也增設獎學金做為鼓勵。此外最重要的一個活動是在中國農曆新年左右的‘ 國際音樂藝術節’。藉由這個活動希望能融合各文化的精髓提升對藝術的欣賞。 




board of directors
理事會名單 (2019)

President 會長
Jennifer Nan 張慧娟

Vice President 副會長
Lillian Chen 卲蕾蕾

Secretary 秘書
Rachel Hoag 李靜

Treasurer 財務
Kaili Hung 洪凱莉

Founder 創始會長
Daisy Kuan 林小蝶

Public Relation 公關
Polly Liew 金蓉蓉

Operation 執行
Wendy Meng 周瑾

Art Education 美術教育
Winnie Fong 法薇

Art Development 美術開發
Amy Chu 朱惠美

Resource Development 資源開發
Vivi Sheridan 蔡雅惠

Scholarship 獎學金
Lucia Yau 程靈芸

Tech Support 資訊
Miguel Hsiao 蕭逸倫

Festival Consultant 節目顧問
Michelle Liu 龔曉君







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As a a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible.
We graciously thank everyone for their generous support of Chinese art and culture in San Diego!